Hard pressed!
Hard pressed!

May 22, 2012

Dear Friends

It would appear that I will have to keep my guard up a little more resolutely if I am not to be ‘blindsided’ as I have just been by my good lady wife.

When it comes to all things domestic I am more than happy to take the proverbial back seat, preferring the steady hand of my good lady wife on the tiller of all things pertaining to the running of the household. (Between you and me, the oversight of St.Cliff’s ‘household’ is more than enough, thank you very much).

That being so, it was still perhaps a little insensitive of me not to notice that our well-used washing basket was unusually brimming over with items of clothing awaiting the services of our Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron when I arrived home last evening and thus my throwaway comment that ‘our basket surely runneth over’ did little to oil the wheels of domestic harmony at that particular moment.

Not quite knowing when to stop (this would not be a first) I then foolishly joked that I was more than happy to preserve the secular/sacred divide and thus leave the household duties (in this case ironing) to her whilst I concentrated on the spiritual welfare of my flock.

In a flurry of mirth I threw down the gauntlet and foolishly offered to step over the aforementioned ‘divide’ should she be able to find a passage of scripture that in any way endorsed the activity of ironing (as a spiritual practice).
Feeling somewhat smug that that she would not, I settled back in the manse sofa in readiness for an another pre-recorded episode of ’Flog It’ (its scheduling falling slap bang in the middle of our evening service).

What I had forgotten was that my good lady wife had rather convincingly won the ‘World of Anglicanism Junior Sword Drill Champion of the Year’ competition three years in a row in her youth and while the TV remote was still cold in my hand she had her answer.

I have the book of John, chapter 3 and verse 30 to thank for now having to wade through our veritable laundry mountain.

‘He must increase, but I must decrease‘ is the verse that has not only scuppered a spot of much needed ‘down time’ but has also inflicted upon me something called ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’ which is my good lady wife’s preferred televisual indulgence.

‘We are pressed on every side by troubles’ is now a scripture that has unhelpfully dropped into my head and rather accurately sums up both my present duties and also my vexed state.

‘Irony’ indeed!

Onward and upward