Cross purposes!
Cross purposes!

July 21, 2011

Dear Friends

I fear that I have made a bit of a fool of myself at our local ecumenical ministers’ fraternal today and it is a momentary lapse which will no doubt provide opportunity for mirth for many a day.

With the conversation having gone on a slight detour (not an uncommon occurrence I might add) from the scheduled discussion on the weighty spiritual matter of which particular church would have the honour of supplying Santa for next Christmas’s combined outreach event in the town, I was rather caught unawares by a fresh and unconnected question as to what our thoughts were on the matter of stigmata.

Before I had given myself adequate time to re-engage my thought processes from those of a more festive nature I launched forth into an account of how this particular ocular malady had been one that had afflicted me since birth but an adequate remedy had been found in the form of a strong lens in my reading spectacles to serve the ailing eye.

It was only the opened-mouthed and somewhat ponderous looks which greeted my response that enlightened me as to the fact that I had confused the condition of astigmatism (an ailment in which the cornea isn’t a perfectly round shape and thus results in blurred vision) with the purported appearance of the marks of the crucifixion on the human form.

On the upside, we do not convene again until September by which time I hope sincerely that my embarrassing gaffe will have been well and truly forgotten.

Onward and upward.