Dear Friends

A warm welcome to my web site. I trust that it will not only provide a window into the world of this humble clergyman but also into that of my charge, St Cliff's.

Who would have thought that my regular ramblings 'uploaded' onto the 'World Wide Super Highway' (as I believe it is referred to in contemporary parlance) would have led to my gaining immortality in such a manner. I will confess that I had toyed with (albeit in a flight of fancy) proposing that perhaps my visage be captured in stained glass for posterity whence I have left this mortal coil but I suspected that our somewhat cautious treasurer at St Cliff's might have something to say about it.

My hope is that this collection of musings, miscellany and much, much, much more (I fear that my alliterative ability is not perhaps what it used to be) brings a little joy and lightness to your soul.

I trust that you will enjoy my profferings and that you are blessed by being a part of my 'online' congregation.

Onward and upward


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Friends of Derek…

A clergyman's stipend being somewhat insufficient to finance this enterprising internet portal (and resisting the temptation to dip in to St Cliff's perennial Roof Fund) I have hit upon the idea of inviting people to promote their 'brand' on my web site in exchange for popping a little something into the offering bag. Do 'click' upon the logos of my faithful supporters (below) to see what they get up to when they are not perusing this web site.

Should you wish to put your hand in your pocket and become a ‘friend’ also please 'click' here for more information.

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